Music And Movement Activity Props For Children

Music and Movement PropsThe experts put much stock in the early years. Supposedly, it is a period rife with rapid and crucial development, from the intellectual to the kinesthetic, from the social to the emotional, etc.

Parents and early childhood care professionals have been eagerly putting together programs to make the most out of this stage of development.

If such early learning institutions as Kindermusik and Gymboree are to be believed, integrating music and movement is a great way to optimize this fleeting window of opportunity to significantly boost both IQ and EQ, which in turn will get them onto the path to a happy and productive life.

If you’re the parent of a little one, you’ll probably consider enrolling your child in a music and movement class, but if you can’t quite afford it, you can learn what you can from various books and online sources to adopt the pertinent activities and carry them out with your own child. You may have to invest in some music and movement activity props for children, but they’re so much more worth it than the usual commercial toys.

If you’re wondering what items to buy, the following are some of the most popular props parents and teachers use:

  • Creative Movement Streamers – They’re quite enchanting to follow with the eye, are fun to manipulate, and are sure to fascinate the young and eager learner. You can hang them from the wrist or simply hold them up with your hand.
  • Balloon Balls – These are great for little ones learning to catch and throw. They’re tough enough to protect the balloon insert and yet light and soft enough not to hurt the players.
  • Bean Bags– These are helpful for teaching so many things from throwing and catching to color recognition to texture exploration. They can come in an assortment of colors and shapes.
  • Stretchy Bands – These latex tubing and fabric combos offer a wide array of interactive learning activities. Teachers and parents can use them to teach anything from shapes and rhythm to boundaries.

These items usually come with drawstring and tote bags for organizing. Such a setup allows for good storage and convenient mobility. The bags certainly make them very portable and easier to keep track of so that you can conduct music and movement activities at home and elsewhere.

Children learn so much in the early years. Through your commitment to let yours enjoy music and movement, you can be certain that you are offering them the right stimulation for their age.

About the author: Bob Josward is an IT specialist by profession and a content creator by passion. He is a tech savvy with a soft heart for children. Aside from his interest on topics about gadgets, he likewise reads and shares parenting advice and tips. He visits to know more about activities and props that can enhance the learning of children.