Murder Mystery Night

I’ve found my next writing project, or more like it found me. It is going to be a challenge but I am up for it. I have never been into the murder mystery genre but when my father said he’d been asked to write and host a murder mystery night, I was intrigued. I did not want to write it but I thought it was cool that my dad was writing something now too.

I was in the process of finishing my novel that I had been working on for some time. I wasn’t sure what I was going to write next, which felt very strange to me. I went back and did some rewrites that I was planning to do after finishing the novel.

I knew that I didn’t want to write a murder mystery but it didn’t sound like my dad knew where to start. I thought I’d help him out so I did a little search on the Internet. I found some tips for playing the game, tips for organizing it, and tips for writing it. I was just going to give this information to my dad and let him do it, but I still didn’t know what my next writing project would be. So I sat down and read all the information I had collected. I then started thinking about setting, murder, and motive. I came up with an idea that I thought would work. I called my dad and he loved it.

So I’ve started writing it. Here is how the whole event works. First, twenty people have to sign up to participate. Each person will receive an envelope with clues about their character. They will also be given instructions and scenes to play out during the night. The event will start and then everyone will remain in character. The goal of the game is to figure out who the murderer is and what the motive is.

I have never been to one of these events before or seen how one works. When I did my Internet search I found that there are so many websites that sell pre-made kits and scripts. I didn’t want to buy one of those kits. I think it will be more meaningful to the community if I can tailor it to their interests and geography. I also want it to tell a good story. This should make it easier for the participants to lose themselves in the fiction and just enjoy the night.

I still don’t know exactly what I am doing but I think with the information I have pulled off of the Internet I should be able to write a good murder mystery night game that should entertain the crowd. Wish me luck.

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