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I was really excited to go to the Shad / D-sisive / Ngajuana concert last month.

I had already interviewed everyone on the bill that night but the D-sisive interview I did was nearly ten years ago and it was for the university newspaper. I was really looking forward to interviewing him again for the DOPEfm radio show.

During that interview, D-sisive introduced me to his producer Muneshine. I had the chance to interview him as well before they both took to the stage. Any fan of Canadian hip-hop has heard the name Muneshine again and again. He has produced some great tunes over the years.
Muneshine told a hilarious story about how he and D-sisive first met. “It was about ten years ago when he was on tour with DJ Serious and Nish Rawks. They came through Saskatoon, which is where I’m from originally. I was already a fan of their music at that time.
So they came through and they had a show. I remember it was at Louis’ on the University of Saskatoon campus. It was a campus show that they did in the middle of the summer when there were no students. There was me and three or four of my friends and maybe four other people there to see them. And I remember being pissed too because I wanted him to play the ‘Lost Sight’ remix and he’s like, ‘Nah, son. I don’t know what you are talking about.’”
D-sivive started laughing at this point of the story.

Muneshine just continued, “So he didn’t play that song and I was kind of hurt because that was my jam back in the day.”

I agree with Muneshine. That is an amazing song. You can find it on the Yesterday Mixtape if you want a copy of it. I also spun it in the mixset following the D-sisive interview. Muneshine is partial to the video though which is a lot harder to find.
Muneshine continued to joke with all of us when he admitted to meeting D-sisive at that campus show. “His show was lackluster. I’ll say it was DJ Serious’s show.”
D-sisive responded to that, but you can’t quite hear what he said. Muneshine continued the story by telling us that he had a show the following night and D-sisive came through that one as well. This time, he jokes, the show was a success. “There were a lot of people there. We brought D up on stage to show him some love. Anyway, six or seven years passed. I moved to Toronto when I finished school. I hit him up when I got here and we just started hanging out and started working right away.” Since then Muneshine had produced a lot of D-sisive’s music.
Muneshine got into production after deejaying in high school. He was inspired by producers such as Pete Rock and DJ Premier. As a fan, he wanted to learn how his favourite producers were able to do what they did. So he bought an MPC and started making beats. And the rest, as they say, is history.
We got into a discussion about sample-based production and the legal problems that producers can get into. “As a producer, I would like to have the freedom to sample without having to worry about it. But at the end of the day, if someone is just taking big loops of someone else’s music and not really doing anything too creative with it, then it is just sort of piggybacking that person’s talent.” In that instance, Muneshine admits that the original artist “should be cut a little bit of the money.”
In addition to all the tracks he has produced for other artists, Muneshine put out his own album last fall entitled “Status Symbol” and has just finished an EP with Ghettosocks. Together these two form the group “Twin Peaks” and you can get The Perfect Strangers EP now while you wait for the full length album “Kissing Hands and Shaking Babies.”
You can listen to the interview with the player below or you can download it for free. After the interview and two Muneshine tracks, Gamma Krush spins some tunes for you to nod your head to. DOPEfm always represents the real hip-hop. Check us out by subscribing to our two podcast feeds and catching us live Saturday overnight on 93.3 CFMU. Thanks again to Muneshine and D-sisive for the great interviews.

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