More Rude Awakenings

I am a light sleeper which can sometimes be a pain. Like this past week, I was rudely awakened in the middle of a good night’s sleep. I could hear a faint buzzing sound. I lay there in bed thinking that it was absolutely crazy that I was woken up by a tiny little insect.

Mosquitoes are a pain. And they have been extremely bad as of late. So I rolled over and switched on the light. I decided that this mosquito was not going to get me. I would hunt him instead.

It took me five minutes to track him down and squish the would-be attacker. Of course after I did that I couldn’t get back to sleep. I am not used to getting up in the middle of the night. It was only four o’clock in the morning and three hours before I normally get up. But there was no getting over it. I couldn’t get back to sleep so I turned on the movie network and watched a movie.

A few days later, another mosquito somehow made its way into my bedroom and woke me up again. I quickly turned on the light and saw that the dreaded bug was not even close to my head. How could I possibly hear the mosquito when it was so far away from me? I can’t believe that I have become this light of a sleeper.

I just hope that mosquito season is over soon. I need my sleep and the only time I like to share my blood is when I donate at Canadian Blood Services.