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This week is a special one for the local music scene. It is Forest City London Music Week and there are all sorts of ways you can celebrate. Check the FCLMA website for a list of virtual events you can partake in. The 19th Annual Award Show gala is going down on Saturday and the award for best hip-hop artist will be given out to one of these deserving nominees

  • Exit Only
  • King Cruff
  • Ngajuana
  • Strange Breed
  • Sum-01
  • Typo

Last week, I dedicated the entire two hour show to local artists. I had no problem doing so as we have such an amazing pool of talent in this city. In fact, there were tons of tyracks I just couldn’t fit in. I even managed to foregt to include one of the above nominees. I corrected that this week with a brand new track from Typo.

I only recorded an hour of new material for the show this week so the podcast is shorter than usual. If you tune in to the radio statioon though, you will get the full two hour show you’ve come to expect. The first hour will be all-new and the last hour will be portions of last week’s show. This one is still 100% Forest City Hip-Hop.

Let’s celebrate the great talent and musicians we have in this city with this special edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio.

Press play!

Chase March & Traffimatics – Word is Bond Theme
Mad Hattr – Don’t Fence Me In
Scrmmbled Eggs – Summer H3eat
Word Salad ft Derrick Wise – I Bought Salad
Chef Borges ft Lil Rice – Cooking It Up
Ngajuana – Falling Down
Labeled Minority ft King Cruff – Black or White
KIV – Liar Liar
Thesis Sahib – Tin Man Shoes
Jux Cain ft Chris Jackson – Golden Eye
Lo Kreepaz ft Knuckles – If I Ever Get Outta Here
Lionize Prime – Deep Crates
Moore & Exit Only – I’m Set
Lil Neekz, Tee Jay, El Bandito, & Xae Lox – EYE-C-4
Typo – Missed My Exit
TempoMental ft Nick Easton – Lost Touch
Sankdafied ft Branded Moore – Easy
Wiser & Ren Thomas – Easy

This episode will air on Thursday June 10, 2021 on 94.9 fm Radio Western.

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