More Daredevil Swag

Here’s my latest Daredevil figure to add to the collection.

This box is really big and the figure looks so cool. I like the numb chucks on this one as well. They can stay in the air and don’t just hang straight down.

I really want to take this one out of the packaging. . .

But it looks so cool at the top of my display cabinet.

I think I’ll keep it in the box for now. I’m not sure how long that will last though.

Here’s another interesting addition to my collection.

I love this one because it was made especially for me.

It was crafted out of plastercine by one of my students and it has some nice detail to it. Daredevil has the mask complete with horns. It has the DD logo on his chest and he’s holding numb-chucks. Very cool!

More Daredevil Swag