Moffat Creek Trail

It’s time for another installment of my Visual Running Tours. Today, we are going to Cambridge to explore the Moffat Creek Trail.

It starts off as a shared pathway and it is paved for easy access for bicycle riders or rollerbladers, but there is an area where the dirt trail becomes an option as well.

I couldn’t help but stop and take a picture of this large rock at the side of the trail.

I much prefer running through the woods on a dirt trail as opposed to the paved walkways that seem to be more common these days.

I was really surprised to see this deer behind this fence.

I’ve seen deer before during my runs through nature areas but this is the first time I have ever captured one on film. How exciting! There was also a Canadian Goose there as well.

I didn’t even realize that this trail would lead me to Churchill Park. It’s a gorgeous park that spans 27 hectares.

There is a replica grist mill here on this small pond. It looks really cool.

Here is a closer shot of the river leading up to it.

During my run, there were several bridges, like this one, to cross over.

Here’s a nice memorial to Don Rope, a two-time Olympic winning athlete. He helped Canada win a Bronze Medal in hockey in 1956 and a Silver Medal in the 1960 Winter Games.

He taught high school in Cambridge and was very active in helping develop local athletic programs. He is definitely a local hero.

This map shows some of the other trails in the area. I hope to run them all one day and document them for My Visual Running Tour series.