Mississauga Skatepark (Iceland Arena Sports Complex)

Skateboarding is an amazing sport. I like the fact that you can skate almost anywhere as long as you have a smooth section of asphalt or concrete. However, it is especially nice to have dedicated skateparks for us to go and practise our sport in comfort.

I’ve decided to start highlighting the skateparks I frequent and the new ones I discover in my travels. I’ve been doing this with my running spots for some time and you can discover those trails in my Photographic Tours section of the blog.

Now you can look forward to some Skatepark Tours as well. Here’s the first one.

This is the Iceland Skatepark in Mississauga, Ontario. It is part of a much larger sports complex. There are soccer fields, basketball courts, a splashpad, the Iceland Arena, and much more right in this one location.

The park is well laid out and allows for several different runs. It’s 2000 sqaure metres and is so large that I couldn’t get the entire facility into one picture.

It feels great to glide over the super smooth concrete.

There are a couple sets of stairs to jump and rails to grind.

Every time I skate here, the place is always quite busy.

Not a lot of skateboarders use the bowl these days, but it’s nice to have. I prefer using a mini-ramp or halfpipe but that is one thing this park is sorely missing.

This is one of the most popular obstacles for the skaters at this park. You can regularly see people grinding across this block.

The Iceland Skatepark is a nice spot to spend an afternoon skating. It is located at 750 Matheson Blvd E and easily accessible off of Highway 401 or 403.

I hope you enjoyed this skatepark tour. If you know of a great spot I should visit and highlight or this blog, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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