Missed Opportunity – A Lego Comic Strip

4 responses to “Missed Opportunity – A Lego Comic Strip”

  1. Hahah! You snooze you lose. Or, in this case; you refuse you lose. Guess this guy will tell his friend to get caller ID now, eh? 😀

  2. Great comic – and I know that feeling, because I am being harassed by a couple of phone numbers that I just refuse to answer….ha, ha…a good laugh and a good funny strip

  3. Hi Chase .. how often do we miss things .. because we can't be bothered to face the unknown caller, in this instance ..

    I too hate unknown calls and if someone's not there .. the phone gets put down .. I've been interrupted enough answering ..

    Go well .. and enjoy all the concerts you get to see .. Hilary

  4. Hi Davina,

    I'm glad to see you laughed at it. Thanks for the comment.

    Hi Patricia,

    I don't know the feeling because I don't have Caller ID. I do have an answering machine though but I rarely use it to screen calls. I think if I had Caller ID, I'd just answer the phone anyway because, hey, you just never know.

    Hi Hilary,

    I don't know why people insist on not answering a call if they don't know who's there. I was just going to write a blog post about that idea but the comic just kind of solidified in my head so I immediately started creating it. It was fun.