Missed It By "That Much"

“Missed it by that much” is quite possibly my favourite catch-phrase of all-time.

I’m not good at doing impressions but I think I do a pretty handy Maxwell Smart. And it’s only fitting that I do it today.

I feel like I really did miss the mark by only a few centimeters.

After winning three straight weeks of the Social Playlist Challenge, I was hoping to bring it all home undefeated. Unfortunately, it was just not to be.

It’s a shame that I lost out on the $200 Ticketmaster prize. I was bested by someone actually named “Best.” I guess that figures.

It was fun being part of this contest. I really enjoyed taking it a step further as well. I was not content with merely drafting up playlists for each theme. I had to compose them as mixtapes. Had to.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the music, and for everyone that voted for me, thanks! I appreciate it.

2 Comments on Missed It By "That Much"

  1. Hi Chase .. sorry about that – but congratulations to Emily even if she bested you.

    Well done for stretching yourself too ..

    Cheers and enjoy the weekend – Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    I have a weird musical taste. I blended genres to include rap, jazz, pop, country, rock, and anything I felt added to the given theme for each week.

    I never expected to win. But, it was a fun contest and I quite enjoyed participating.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

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