Millennium Trail System – Woodstock Running Tour

I love finding new trails to run and bringing along my camera to give you a visual tour of the route.

For today’s photographic tour, we are going to explore the Youth Start Trail in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada.

I had never run this trail before so I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. The map looked promising though as it showed a nice loop of a trail. It would have been nice to have an exact distance of it written down though.

I started off running across this yellow bridge

This would be a great place to camp out with a novel. It is absolutely beautiful and there are several sitting areas just like this one along the route.

This boardwalk is quite unique. I haven’t seen one like this before. It’s not made out of boards at all.

It is made out of concrete and there are metal plates to help change the angle so the trail can wind along the river.

I found myself back at the trailhead after running for only four minutes. I know my pace and could now estimate that this trail is about one kilometer long. But when I first found this trail, I noticed that there was another one almost directly across the street.

I don’t understand the name of this park at all. I really didn’t know what to expect, maybe a short trail leading up to a toboggan hill or a tube slide. I was just hoping the trail would be at least three kilometers long so I could get my five kilometers in for the day.

There are several trails that loop up and connect to each other. I should have started my run here. I didn’t get to explore this park in as much detail as I would have liked. I will definitely have to go back soon and don’t worry, I’ll bring my camera along to document that one as well.

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