Medway Valley Visual Tour

It’s time for the very first Visual Running Tour of 2011!

Medway Valley Heritage Forest is located in London, Ontario and covers 95 hectares. There are 9 kilometers of trails that hook up to a few other short trail systems in the northern part of the city. For my run today, I covered about five kilometers in this forest.

There is the entrance trail that leads to the forest.

The nature trail officially starts here.

This hill was a little bit muddy to run up.

The trail ran alongside the creek for the most part. There is nothing better than running through a beautiful forest with only the sounds of nature including the sound of a slow moving creek.

Which way to go?
I also like a trail that has several hills to run up and down.

I was glad to see these logs strategically placed to help me over a particularly muddy section in the middle of a hill. My foot went for a bit of a slide just a bit further down but I managed to stay upright and keep running.
A small waterfall beside the trail. Lovely!

I love this shot. The trees are so straight and tall.

I hope you enjoyed this visual tour of Medway Valley Heritage Trail. I have already run a few of my favourite spots this year and you can go check those visual tours out right now if you want. I’ll see you here next time I find a brand new trail to run.
Photography by Dana Kathryn
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  1. Hi Hilary,

    I got out to another trail today. It's been a nice long weekend here. Too bad it's back to school tomorrow.