Chase March

Meaning From and In Books

“Reading books and writing books makes life more meaningful.”

So said Elizabeth Hay as she accepted the Giller Prize for Canadian Literature last night. In a great speech, she congratulated everyone who made the short list for the award. She then went on to congratulate everyone who had written a book this year. I immediately threw my hands up in the air as if her comment was meant solely for me. After all, I did write a book this year.

I wrote a second book as well. I have given the story lots of distance and am now ready to look at it again with fresh eyes. I will sit down and read the entire novel in one sitting this weekend as I start the editing and rewriting stage.

There is quite a sense of accomplishment that you get when you complete a story. I am new to the craft of story writing but I am enjoying it immensely. I have always loved reading and constantly have a book or two on the go sitting on my nightstand. I get a lot from reading and writing.

I have not read any of Elizabeth Hay’s work but her words struck a chord with me last night. Meaning can be found in both the reading and writing of books. I am adding this quotation to my commonplace book. Congratulations on your prize! and thank you for honouring the craft and all writers.

Meaning From and In Books
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