May the Posts be With You

Chasing Content (1)It’s time to go exploring!

Let’s dig through the archives and blow the dust off some posts you might have missed.

Let’s get ready for some annual events that happen each May.

Let’s Chase some Content!

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Trilliums on the Trail Side

I love the short period of time when the trillium flower is in bloom. It is absolutely beautiful to go on a trail run and see these flowers alongside the trail. Keep an eye out for them this month. They aren’t in bloom for long and you won’t want to miss our provincial flower in all of its glory.

The Inner Game of Work

A great book that has a lot to say about education if you read it with your teacher hat on. It wasn’t written for teachers at all, however. Some of the best books about education aren’t. This book can help you manage employees, work with your team, or help you in your coaching. Highly recommended.

Hip-Hop Anonymous

This show was a lot of fun. I love the poster too and seeing my name as the DJ for the night.

Free Comic Book Day

Keep an eye out for this event which is always the first Saturday of May. Your local comic book shop will have special events, activities, and free books and giveaways. I’ll see you at the shops on May 6th!

Happy Star Wars Day

May the 4th. May the force by with you. Such a great pun! Here are all of the posts I have done on Star Wars too!

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