Mastermind Street Jam: NY,NY LA,LA

I used to love recording the Mastermind Street Jam back in the 90s. It was like getting a free mixtape every week.

I would tune in to the now-defunct Energy 108 and record the show on cassette. This way I could enjoy it whenever I wanted. I still have over 100 of these tapes and figured that it was time to digitize them and share them with you.

Let’s jump back in time and hear what my favourite radio show sounded like during the golden era of hip-hop. This is Tape 41 of my collection.

The tracklist is shown in the image. Just forgive me for how I spelled Ras Kass (lol) and how I started this show out with Side B.

One thing of note here is the East Coast / West Coast battle tracks by 25 ta Life and CNN. This was the first time most of us heard these tracks, especially in Canada. Mastermind broke records and let us know what was up. Much respect to him!

Original air dates – February 14 and 26, 1996

WARNING – Explicit Lyrics and Mature Content

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