March – 11 Years Ago

Chasing Content - March 2008

Every month, I comb through the archive of posts I wrote last year at the time and create a small highlight reel of sorts. There are a few months where I neglected to do so. This year, I am trying to fill in those blanks. With that in mind, let’s take a trip back 11 years to see what was happening then.

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Year Two of my Five Year Mission

I had a plan when I started this blog. I wanted to develop my name as a writer. I wanted to write as much as I could over a five-year period with the goal to have some of my work published at the end of the five years. Here is how I made out so far. [Keep Reading]

My five year mission ended in 2012 and I did not accomplish my goal of getting published, I am going to actively pursue that this year. It is well over due.

First Time on the Winter Road

People who don’t live in the far north probably have no idea what a winter road is. The truth is there are a lot of communities in northern Ontario that do not have a road running into them. These communities have airstrips and for most of the year, this is the only way into the community.

In the winter when the lake freezes, a winter road is maintained and operated so that people can drive out of their communities. [Keep Reading]

Thanks to television shows like Ice Road Truckers, people are now familiar with this. It’s very cool to be able to tell people that I have driven on those ice roads.

Improving Self Through Others

In teacher’s college, I was placed inside a great teacher’s classroom. He really challenged me to change as well. I first went into his classroom talking like I did in everyday life. He told me that as teachers we need to model good English and that it was important to do so. At the time, I thought he was just harping on me. He would actually count how many times I said, “gonna” in the course of a lesson instead of the proper “going to.” I tell you it was quite illuminating to see the ridiculous amount of tallies he showed me. I couldn’t believe it. [Keep Reading]

I am very grateful for this lesson he taught me and do my best to pass it on to my peers and fellow educators.

Too Attached to Image

Students have often asked me why I don’t look like a rapper. To that, I always say, “And what does a rapper look like?” It sparks an interesting discussion. I can show them photographs of me as a teenager when I very much did fit the image of a rapper. Now that I am older and a professional, I make sure I dress the part. I think teachers should look nice and dress well. [Keep Reading]

I don’t dress like a rapper anymore. I stay true to who I am by dressing how I would in normal life. If I am doing a rap show, I wear jeans and a t-shirt. When I am teaching, it’s a dress shirt and a tie. I don’t need to dress in a stereotypical way to prove that I am hip-hop.

Everything is Story

One thing that I think everyone can understand in story. Everyone knows what a story is. We listen to them and tell them every single day. TV, movies, video games, conversations; they are all stories. Everything is story. [Keep Reading]

This is a theory of mine that I want to develop further. I have done a fair amount of research on it. I think I could write an entire book on this topic. Perhaps, one day, I will. 

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!

Click through to find a list of ‘Best of” posts just like this one, dating all the way back to the start of this blog in 2007. [Keep Reading]

I listened to a radio show this morning and the hosts were talking about how great it would be if we had stats for the things that really mattered in life. They talked about how sport stats are collected and celebrated and wished we could have something similar for our own daily lives. This “Best Of” archive does that in a small way. So does my annual reading lists. It’s why I plan to never stop blogging.