Male Teacher

I teach children. Not a lot of males do this for some reason. I see most male teachers gravitate toward middle school or high school. I teach Grade 4. I enjoy it a lot. I remember that my first male teacher was in Grade 4 and I responded really well to him. I also had a male teacher for Grade 5 and Grade 8. Three years of my elementary school saw me being taught by men. That is 3/9 of my primary education. I didn’t go to junior kindergarten. I wonder how many kids go through school without ever having a male teacher until high school. Does it matter? I don’t know. There have been studies done about boys responding better to male teachers but who knows. What do studies really prove?

I don’t like to think in terms of gender and race. It doesn’t really matter as long as the person knows what is important. The desire to teach and to reach the students is what is important. Without that a teacher is just there for the pay cheque and probably won’t ever feel the energizing sensation I wrote about yesterday. Then it will feel wrong to the teacher and the student and everyone loses out.

Am I a good teacher? I’d like to think so. Am I a great teacher? I don’t know. It is so easy to second-guess yourself. It is so easy to see a new resource, or a new method, or different style of doing something that you begin to have doubts whether or not you presented the material in a way to engage the students to maximize their learning. Every year I learn from my students probably as much as they learn from me. And every class brings new challenges. It is an adventure that I am happy to be on. The adventure continues.

4 responses to “Male Teacher”

  1. What you do, Chase, is so very important. You serve as a male role model for some of your students who probably don’t have one at home.

    By being the good, thoughtful, reputable teacher that you are, you also help to shatter the stereotype that male teachers at the younger age level are there only for certain despicable reasons.

  2. Hi Riaz,

    I am a teacher and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I do understand why some men don't even try to enter the profession though.

    Too many people are suspicious of any man who chooses to work with children. They automatically assume that something weird is going on.

    That keeps people away and makes us scared that we are going to be accused of something inappropriate. Just a hint of something can ruin someone's career. That is a truly scary thing.

    I wish it weren't like this. The culture needs to change. Having men in the elementary school can only be a positive influence on the kids and the school.

    That's my word!