Make Mistakes and Roll With Them

“Weren’t you worried you would make a mistake?” I ask.

“Made two of ‘em. No one seemed to notice.”

I nearly choke on my carrot stick. “What? You made two mistakes?”

“Acting’s like real life, Mon. You make a mistake, you keep going. Everyone adapts. It’s no big deal.” He hurries to say hello to Mr. Jurzek while I stand in the wake of his words.

He made a mistake in front of hundreds of people and he doesn’t care? Better yet, no one even noticed? How is it possible that Dad got to me more as a fictional character that he ever has as a father? Maybe he should concentrate on what he loves to do rather than orchestrating lame heart-to-heart talks in pet stores. I smile across the room at him and he gives a goofy wave back. I guess he’s just muddling through like the rest of us.”
– from Janet Tashjian’s novel “Multiple Choice” pg 164-165

What an inspirational passage!

Making mistakes is a part of life. You can’t be worried about making one. And if you do make a mistake, you need to just keep going. You can let a small error stop you in your tracks. Obsessing over your past mistakes also doesn’t erase them, doesn’t fix them, and just expends needless energy.

I try to encourage my students to make mistakes and to learn from them. There is no way to do something perfect the first time. Everything we do is a learning experience. And sometimes the mistakes themselves can fade away into the performance as long as you keep rolling with it. That is one of the messages I got from this book.

I love how you can learn things through fiction. I hope you have found this passage as inspiring as I have.