Make a Difference

Music Videos are great. I can sit there and watch them for hours. And I did just that on the weekend. I flipped around from Much Music, BET, and Much Vibe for a few hours and then kept Much Vibe on as I did housework.

I caught a great video from DL Incognito called “Make a Difference.” This guy is from Canada and he actually talks about things in his raps. Anyone who thinks that there is no substance or meaning in rap music needs to look closer. There are some amazing artists and some amazing songs out there that touch on real topics.

DL talks about why hip hop was created in the first place. It was created for social awareness. It was a voice for the voiceless. Chuck D of the legendary group Public Enemy once said that hip hop was the black CNN. Ideally, that is the power of rap music. It can be a great force for change and education. It can spark a revolution. It can fuel debate. And it can open our eyes to all sorts of issues. In the early days of rap music, it truly was a rich source of inspiration and information.

Hip hop seems to have forgotten its roots. There are so many songs being made these days that it has become watered down. Many people making the music today know nothing of the rich history of the music. They are doing what they “think” is hip hop music. They are making records and videos to appeal to an audience that they see as being inferior and stupid. Hip Hop fans need to stand up and stop accepting this lowest common denominator rap and demand substance.