Mailbox Full of Bills

I don’t mind paying my bills. I know that it is a regular part of life. The part I really hate is trying to read them.

When I checked my mail today, it was full of bills and flyers. Both things demanding my money.

I threw the flyers directly in the recycling bin. Even if there is a sale on right now, I need to count my pennies.

I open the bills and look at them closely.

Let’s look at my phone bill.

Who designs this thing? It is so hard to read! The Internet is a set price every month, as is my long distance bill. I knew what the price would be when I first signed up for the service. The company was up front with me.

Yet when I get the bill they hide behind numbers. There is a page with the listed price and then there is a section with the savings. The next page says that I used $180.18 on long distance. What!

I’m on a long distance plan that only costs $9.99 a month. The charge on the front page of the bill says it costs $46.84. On page 2, it says I saved that $180.18.

Truth is, I didn’t save that. I used my unlimited long distance plan because I knew I had it. I know how it works. I don’t appreciate this ridiculous bill.

Just give me a one-page bill that says I am on the two plans; Internet and home phone and the cost for them. Don’t give me five pages of garbage that doesn’t seem to make any sense.

2 responses to “Mailbox Full of Bills”

  1. "Don't give me five pages of garbage that doesn't seem to make any sense." I totally agree! Just like everybody else, getting and reading my bills doesn't excite me AT ALL, especially knowing that my paycheck already covers my payday loans. My phone bill is divided into two – online and home phone. And it really irritates me when I get a 4-page bill. It's not like they have to include every detail of my plans 'coz I totally understand and know how it works.

  2. I don't like how they "lie" to us with these bills. I mean, how could they possibly offer me close to $200 in savings?

    Let's be realistic.

    If the "real" cost of the phone charges was that much money, how could they make any money by having people enrolled in these saving bundles or plans?

    It's all there just to make us feel good. I'd rather see an honest bill that reflected the charges instead of these imaginary savings.

    Thanks for the comment.