Mailbox Full of Bills

I don’t mind paying my bills. I know that it is a regular part of life. The part I really hate is trying to read them.

When I checked my mail today, it was full of bills and flyers. Both things demanding my money.

I threw the flyers directly in the recycling bin. Even if there is a sale on right now, I need to count my pennies.

I open the bills and look at them closely.

Let’s look at my phone bill.

Who designs this thing? It is so hard to read! The Internet is a set price every month, as is my long distance bill. I knew what the price would be when I first signed up for the service. The company was up front with me.

Yet when I get the bill they hide behind numbers. There is a page with the listed price and then there is a section with the savings. The next page says that I used $180.18 on long distance. What!

I’m on a long distance plan that only costs $9.99 a month. The charge on the front page of the bill says it costs $46.84. On page 2, it says I saved that $180.18.

Truth is, I didn’t save that. I used my unlimited long distance plan because I knew I had it. I know how it works. I don’t appreciate this ridiculous bill.

Just give me a one-page bill that says I am on the two plans; Internet and home phone and the cost for them. Don’t give me five pages of garbage that doesn’t seem to make any sense.