Mail from Tom Green

Back in 1991, I saw an amazing video on Much Music from a Canadian group called Organized Rhyme.

I was immediately captivated by it and ran out to buy the album on cassette.

The album was full of great sampled-based beats, cuts and scratches, and comedic rhymes. The members were Bones, Pin the Chameleon, and DJ Signal.

I really enjoyed the album so I decided to write them a fan letter. There was an address to do so in the liner notes. A few weeks later, I received this in the mail.

Yes, I do remember the show “Quincy.” It was really good. I liked how the coroner solved crimes and we didn’t have to see blood and guts like we do in the CSI-type shows that are popular these days.

Needless to say, I was blown away to get such a personalized letter from Bones.

Of course, these days he is better known as comedian Tom Green.