Lucky to Have Read Such a Great Book

The Lucky One Book

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

I love the premise of this book. A marine finds a photo half-buried in the sand on one of his tours of duty. For some reason he is compelled to pick it up. It shows an attractive woman at a fall fair. She is wearing a shirt that says, “Lucky Lady.” The photo is laminated so it seemed like someone would be missing it. So he takes it back to base and tacks in on the message board.

A few weeks later, the photo is still unclaimed but it calls to him somehow. For reasons he can’t comprehend, he picks it up and puts it in his pocket. Then he wins big at poker, narrowly escapes death during an explosion, and continues to benefit from a string of good luck.

He friend tells him that the photo is his lucky charm and that he owes the woman a debt. Not sure what all that means, he sets out to track her down anyway.

This was an amazing read and I loved every second of it. I picked up the book somewhat by accident too. Maybe it was destined to find me like the two main characters were destined to find each other.

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