Love Story Meets Viva La Vida

I so love Twitter.

Ryan D. Scott posted this message up yesterday: “Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp, Taylor Swift and Coldplay = holy fantastic. Thanks @jonschmidty”

I follow Ryan because he is a good blogger and posts some interesting thoughts, observations, and links on his Twitter page. I followed this link in particular because I have recently become a fan of Taylor Swift. I’m glad that I checked out the video because Ryan was right, it is amazing.

So I retweeted the message so my Twitter followers could check out the video as well. I wrote @ryandscott That was cool! “on Schmidt, Steven Sharp, Taylor Swift & Coldplay = holy fantastic. Thanks” @jonschmidty

But I know that Twitter isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so I decided to share the video with you here as well. I showed it to my class today and had the students write a response to it. I played it for them as they wrote and then I played them Taylor Swift’s video so they could see the connection.

Isn’t that an awesome video? It’s obvious that they are having a lot of fun with the song. I wanted to show my students that music can be fun and beautiful and that it can be presented in so many different ways. I hope they got the message and I hope you’ve enjoyed this too.

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