I Love Running

I love running. It is such an amazing feeling to run down a trail and through the woods. I don’t like flat and boring courses. I like runs that give me a bit of a challenge. I like to go to places where there are plenty of trails and hills. I can’t understand why anyone would run on the roads or the sidewalk when we have some great places to run here in Hamilton.

One of the best places to run is Princess Point. You can link up to the trails for a number of places. Anyone living in Westdale or attending McMaster University should know
about the trails through Princess Point and the Royal Botanical Gardens. It is simply one of the most beautiful places in the city.

Running is the one activity that anyone can do. The only things that you need are a decent pair of shoes, a watch, and some time. I know that some people need music to run and bring along their Ipods or walkmans. Not me, I like to commune with nature during my runs.

I time myself and keep a good pace. I have been in several road races and trail runs so I know what my usual pace is. I can judge how far I run by how long it takes me. I have actually become a faster runner than I was in high school.

I try to get out for a five-kilometre run at least three times a week. It only takes about twenty minutes to run, a few minutes to stretch before hand, and a few minutes afterwards for a cool down walk. Back at home, a quick shower and a snack and my workout is complete. This takes less than one hour a day. And it is one of the best feelings in the world.

Unfortunately, winter is fast approaching. I take the winters off. I hope to get a few more runs in this season and plan to wrap it up sometime this month.