Looking Back to February 2017

Chasing Content - December 2008

Last year at this time, I forgot to do a Chasing Content post. Let’s fix that right now, shall we?

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There were only six of them. I was busy back them with work, pursuing my Masters degree, and family. I will try to have a better blogging output this year. But I also want to focus on a few other projects. We will see how it goes.

In the meantime, check out these highlights.

My Wedding Mixtape

It’s hard to believe that I have been married for two years now.  I am glad that I have this mixtape to help us all remember that magical day.

Student Choice in Instrumental Music

Giving students the opportunity to make their own decisions in very important. Here are a few things you can do to make that happen in a music classroom. I also like to give them an ensemble piece and allow them to pick their group and the music they will perform.

The Smart One

This book would make a good television series. I was a little disappointed with the ending but loved the entire ride. Having it stretch out on TV would be a great idea and maybe it could have a more definitive ending too.

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!

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