London was a Buzz with Skaters

world figure skating london

The World Figure Skating Championships were held in London, Ontario, Canada this past week. The whole city was abuzz with energy. The downtown core was certainly the place to be, even if you didn’t have tickets.

tree of light

Every night, there was a special light show projected right onto the side of the Budweiser Gardens.

tree of light london 2013

The show focused on a fictional skater made up of light. She glided through different scenes with beauty and grace.

World Figure Skating Championships

At times during the show, the building seemed to transform. It was an impressive illusion. I almost forgot that it was merely a projected light show and that the building itself was not moving.

London put on a good show. There was an outdoor bar tent displaying footage from inside the arena and plenty of things to do for those of us not fortunate enough to get tickets.

It would have been perfect if our hometown heroes of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir had managed to capture the world title.

Silver championship ice dancing pair Tessa and Scott

Even though they had to settle for the silver, this image says it all. They certainly are the champions of our hearts!

2 responses to “London was a Buzz with Skaters”

  1. Hi Chase .. the BBC put on a 2 hour show of the 4 different finals .. and I love watching them – just so incredibly talented.

    They were waxing lyrical about London! your London though … and it was snowing gently much like here recently …

    Cheers and have a good week Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    I seriously could watch Tessa and Scott skate all day long. There's something magical about what they do on the ice.

    And there aren't the only ones. They just happen to be the local heroes. I met them too. They are so cool and down to earth.

    It's snowing here again. We are supposed to get 5 cm of snow tonight.

    Thanks for the comment. I am going to visit your blog now.