Live Like You are Being Taped

Imagine that what you are doing right now is being monitored in some way. Perhaps your keystrokes are recorded on your work computer. Maybe a recording device is spying on you right now. Perhaps everything you are doing is being recorded on a video or audiotape of some kind. It’s not too hard to imagine this, and it is a bit scary to even contemplate it.

It seems like technology is making it so that everything is now recorded in some way. Every time a disaster or unfortunate event occurs, someone manages to capture it some way, whether it be with a cell phone camera, a camcorder, or some other device. Every time I call a business and am put on hold, a computer informs me that my call may be monitored. Every time I walk into a store I see the monitoring cameras angled to hit every point of interest in the store.

It’s scary knowing that I could be being watched right now. Some of my methods of doing things are quite unconventional. I would hate for someone to analyze me on the Internet or television. I am not sure that I would survive any public scrutiny into my life.

That’s not to say that I am breaking the law or doing things that are immoral. I try to do my best but I seem to make lots of mistakes. I say stupid things from time to time. I do stupid things that rerun in my head, over and over again, and I wonder why I acted in such a way.

I just hope that these moments never end up on YouTube, the news, or any other sort of public venue. I don’t want to be scared to live my life in a normal way. It’s just something to think about. Perhaps we should live our lives like they were being taped. Then again, perhaps not.

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