Little Brother – A Great Read!


Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

I love reading Young Adult fiction. Maybe we don’t need this distinction when it comes to novels. A great story is a great story no matter who it is aimed at. And this one definitely fits that.

There is a passage in this book from the main character’s point of view that suggests everyone should learn how to code. We all use computers everyday, but most of us have no idea how they work.

I haven’t had the time or desire to learn a computer language since the old school days of BASIC. But I see how it could be beneficial.

Of course, knowing computers so well, gets our main character into trouble. He is also able to use those skills to get himself and his friends out of trouble and help reshape a society crippled by terrorist attacks.

It’s a thriller, mixed with a lite bit of science fiction. It deals with the issue of how the Internet should be free and accessible to all. To further hammer home this point, the author has made this book available to download for free.

This was  a real page turner and I highly recommend it.

My List of 2015 Reads – very nearly complete now (Stay tuned)