A Little Blogging Difficulty

I am having a little blogging difficulty.

I am at my mom’s for the weekend and I remember that last time I was here that her computer gave me some problems. Well, it is doing it again.

I don’t know why but I think the Blogger doesn’t like old Macs. I seem to have a really hard time just logging on and after that certain pages and buttons won’t even appear.

Yesterday I managed to log on, after some difficulty, and noticed that I had 99 posts. So I wrote what I thought was my hundredth post and reflected a bit on that milestone. It turns out that the graphics problem on this computer only made it look like I had 99 posts, I really only had 97. And with the pages not loading up correctly, I wasn’t able to edit the post once I published it.

Nevertheless, I am nearly at 100 posts now, so I will just leave that ill-timed post up there.

I have been having a lot of computer problems lately, but that stems from not actually having my own computer. I have mostly been using the public library for my internet access. It will be nice when school starts back up so I have a computer on my desk again. Till then, I’ll make do with what is available.