Lissa Monet at The Stylus Awards 2011

Lissa Monet: “How are you guys doing? Here for another interview?”

Chase: “We’re doing awesome. Yeah, it was a great interview with you last year. Did you get a chance to hear our International Women’s Day show we did earlier this year?”

Lissa Monet: “No, I didn’t.”

Chase: “You should check it out. We dedicated the entire overnight show to Women in Hip Hop.”

Lissa Monet: “It’s still up there?”

Chase: “Yeah. You can check out the podcasts and articles. It was really cool. So, you are nominated again this year?”

Lissa Monet: “Yep. I’m up for two awards, Female DJ of the Year, and Mixtape, which DJ P-Plus and I won last night for ‘Love Letters and Broken Hearts.’”

Chase: “Congratulations! That’s awesome. I remember last year we talked about the Girl DJ category and now you are outside of that as well. That is very cool to see.”

Lissa Monet: “Exactly.”

Chase: “I mean, it’s good we have the Female DJ category, but it’s nice to see just “DJ.” I’m all for getting rid of the gender terms like actor and actress. Just get rid of them. A person who acts is an actor, you know?”

Lissa Monet: “Absolutely.”

Chase: “What do you have to say to any young girls listening right now?”

Lissa Monet: “Just be persistent and consistent. Do what you love, and the passion will reap the rewards for you. It’s one of those things where if you do it for all the right reasons, it will come back to you ten-fold.”

Chase: “For sure. Good luck with everything tonight for your second nomination and congratulations for the award you got last night.”

Lissa Monet: “Thank you very much.”

Chase: “It’s always great seeing you.”

Lissa Monet: “See you next year.”

2 responses to “Lissa Monet at The Stylus Awards 2011”

  1. Hi IBJJ,

    It really is a great event. It's nice to see the whole DJ and music community coming together in one place. Hopefully, we'll see you there this year – 2012!