Light Duty – Heavy Reading

I spent the last six weeks working in an office, bored out of my mind. There was nothing for me to do. Seriously. Nothing. I sat at a desk, answered phones, did some filing of paperwork, shredded some documents, and just sat there.

I had been assigned light-duties since I hurt my back at the warehouse. It seemed like this was the best work they could offer me.

I knew it would be boring so I brought a book with me each day and read like crazy. You may have noticed that I have had a lot more book posts last month. That’s why.


I also read a lot of comics with this handy app, Marvel Unlimited. In a feat of perfect timing, they offered a free month subscription to help promote the new Star Wars movie.

So, look for some great book reviews coming up shortly here on this blog.

I had absolutely no reason to complain. I got to read hundreds of dollars of comics, some great novels, and some cool non-fiction while getting paid to do so. Light duty lead to some heaving reading.

But it did get a little boring.

Chase March Novel Edit

My girlfriend suggested that I use some of this time to work on polishing up my novels. I had been meaning to get to that for years. It seemed perfect.

So I read through one of my novels and took plenty of notes about what happened in each chapter. I cleaned up any awkward sections and corrected a few typos. Now I have a great plan to work through when I work through the next draft of the story.

This one is called “Outside the Block,” and I absolutely love it.

I have some work to do before it will be ready to be released to the world. But I plan to have something published really soon. It’s one of my goals this year. And I will work hard on it.

Chase March 2nd Novel Edit

This was the second novel I ever wrote and it’s about eight years old. I still haven’t finished mapping it out, but I have noticed that this one is going to need a lot more work. Some of the writing is awkward and needs cleaning up. I will also have to rewrite entire sections. But the story is there and it will shine when I am do with it.

Friday was my last day in the office. The doctor has cleared me to return to regular duties today. I am going to miss all of the time I had to read and work on edits over the past few weeks.

I wish I could afford to take a few months to just work on my writing. I want to polish these two novels up and start a work of non-fiction. But I need a job and will need to work on this in my spare time. I will though. I am determined.

2016 – Let’s start the road to publication!