Life is Good with Lozen on WIB Rap Radio

Lozen has been releasing music for close to ten years now and has quite the story to tell through her music and this interview. It was a pleasure chopping it up with her on the radio. We had a lengthy discussion off-air too that I wish you could have heard.

Here’s a brief bio . . .

Lozen isn’t much for boxes — which are commonplace in the music world — because “magic happens outside”, says Ontario born Quebecer, real name Meaghan Mullaly. The British Columbia based singer-songwriter and bandleader goes way beyond classification with a mixed bag of genre-bending offerings from trippy R&B, jazz-infused ballads, to golden era style hip-hop and dirty electronic bass.

I first heard her because she featured Skulastic in her latest music video. It is a hilarious tribute to Wayne’s World while paying homage to the Women in Hip-Hop who have inspired all of us over the years.

So press play on the video and then play on the podcast.

Enjoy the show and have a Happy New Year!

Chase March & Unlearn – Word is Bond Theme
Lozen – Sunshine (Boomshakala Remix)
Lozen – Life is Good (Records in the Crate Remix)
Lozen ft Animal Nation & Spade – Daydream
Lozen – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Michie Mee – Cover Girl
Skulastic ft DJ All Good – Rap Scholar
Lozen ft Fortunato & Spade – Can’t Sleep
Lozen ft Local Motive Collective – Black Velvet
Lozen ft Skulastic & Benzosa – Ladies World
Lozen – Rumors
Lozen – I Am One
Lozen – Goal Digger
Omen44 Ft. Planet Asia & Sicknature – Eclipse (Snowgoons Remix)
Freddie Black & Tone Spliff – Who’s This?
Gang Starr – Glowing Mic
Heem & DJ Green Lantern ft Benny the Butcher – The Realest
Tunnel Movement ft DJ Grazzhoppa – Finally Here
Napoleon Da Legend – Piccolo
Wize Crack & Byrd Land – Everyone’s a Kritic
Sentense ft Reks & Why-D – Inner Demons
Natural Elements – Vroom Nemix –
Busta Rhymes ft M.O.P. – Czar
Revenge of the Truence & Alome – Bellisima Realizzazione


Original air date – Thursday December 17, 2020

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