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Life is Good with Lozen on WIB Rap Radio

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Lozen has been releasing music for close to ten years now and has quite the story to tell through her music and this interview. It was a pleasure chopping it up with her on the radio. We had a lengthy discussion off-air too that I wish you could have heard.

Here’s a brief bio . . .

Lozen isn’t much for boxes — which are commonplace in the music world — because “magic happens outside”, says Ontario born Quebecer, real name Meaghan Mullaly. The British Columbia based singer-songwriter and bandleader goes way beyond classification with a mixed bag of genre-bending offerings from trippy R&B, jazz-infused ballads, to golden era style hip-hop and dirty electronic bass.

I first heard her because she featured Skulastic in her latest music video. It is a hilarious tribute to Wayne’s World while paying homage to the Women in Hip-Hop who have inspired all of us over the years.

So press play on the video and then play on the podcast.

Enjoy the show and have a Happy New Year!

Chase March & Unlearn – Word is Bond Theme
Lozen – Sunshine (Boomshakala Remix)
Lozen – Life is Good (Records in the Crate Remix)
Lozen ft Animal Nation & Spade – Daydream
Lozen – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Michie Mee – Cover Girl
Skulastic ft DJ All Good – Rap Scholar
Lozen ft Fortunato & Spade – Can’t Sleep
Lozen ft Local Motive Collective – Black Velvet
Lozen ft Skulastic & Benzosa – Ladies World
Lozen – Rumors
Lozen – I Am One
Lozen – Goal Digger
Omen44 Ft. Planet Asia & Sicknature – Eclipse (Snowgoons Remix)
Freddie Black & Tone Spliff – Who’s This?
Gang Starr – Glowing Mic
Heem & DJ Green Lantern ft Benny the Butcher – The Realest
Tunnel Movement ft DJ Grazzhoppa – Finally Here
Napoleon Da Legend – Piccolo
Wize Crack & Byrd Land – Everyone’s a Kritic
Sentense ft Reks & Why-D – Inner Demons
Natural Elements – Vroom Nemix –
Busta Rhymes ft M.O.P. – Czar
Revenge of the Truence & Alome – Bellisima Realizzazione


Original air date – Thursday December 17, 2020

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