Life Gives You 3 Answers

My neighbour gave me some advice yesterday that really spoke to my situation. He said that life gives you three answers,

  1. “Yes.”
  2. “Yes, but wait.”
  3. “No, there’s something better.”

When the love of my life left me in August, it nearly destroyed me. However, we remained friends and it gave me hope. I was always felt that we would get back together again and that we would find our happily ever after together. So for months and months, I was stuck on “Yes, but wait.”

Of course, the waiting was killing me. I wanted her in my life so bad. It hurt every day to think that she was out there living her life separate from me.

I don’t want to get into any of the details, but it is over now for sure.

I’m just scared to death that I will never feel that strongly again. I’m scared that she was “the one” and that for reasons beyond my control, we can never be together.

It hurts now and the future seems gloomy. Is it possible that there is someone out there who will love me as much as I love her? Could my neighbour be right?

I believe that things have a tendency to work out and if that’s the case, then surely there must be something out there that is better. My neighbour must be right. This 3 Answer Philosophy is pretty inspiring. It’s brilliant in it’s simplicity and it has really given me a good perspective on all of this.

3 responses to “Life Gives You 3 Answers”

  1. Hi Chase .. your neighbour has prompted you away from dwelling in the past .. life is fine – you'll be happy and you'll definitely find another: at least you're not brooding at home you've lots of projects on the go .. she'll turn up I'm sure .. enjoy the looking!! The power of three again .. thanks .. Hilary

  2. Hi Jane,

    It's tough isn't it? I guess all we can do is hang in there.

    Hi Hilary,

    Wow, I've written about the power of three before about something completely different. It's amazing to see that connection there. Thanks!