Life Gives Us What We Need

I have not been feeling one hundred percent this week. I’ve had a scratchy throat and that is usually the first sign that I am coming down with something. I have been quite tired too. I’ve been going to bed early and drinking lots of orange juice to stave off a cold.

I thought about taking today off as a sick day. I felt like I needed the time to kick back and take it easy. I had a sink full of dishes. I needed to finish my report cards. I need to write next week’s lesson plans. But all I wanted to do was lay down on the couch, cover myself up with a blanket, and watch some TV.

I looked in all the classrooms yesterday to see if the supply teacher who covered my class last time I had a workshop was in our school. If she was there, I was determined to ask her to come in for me today.

It turned out that there was only one supply teacher in the whole school yesterday and I didn’t know her. I decided not to ask her. I figured that I could survive the rest of the week at work and rest up on the weekend.

I got to school this morning and was met right away by the janitor and the principal. They had just made the decision to close to school because of the inclement weather. I went to my classroom and finished off my report cards. I printed them off and handed them into the principal.

This took me about an hour to do. By that time, there were only three of us left in the school and we were all advised to go home before the weather got worse.

So now I am home. I have been for nearly two hours now. The dishes are done. The report cards are done. And I now get the day to kick back and relax.

I’m sure glad I didn’t use a sick day today.

Things have a tendency to work out.

Life gives us what we need.

I’m glad the universe works like this.

I needed this break.