Let’s Watch a Movie Together

I really like to see events in my community. Quite frankly, there are not enough of them. We live in a day and age where we are often so busy that we don’t get the chance to know and converse with our neighbours.  That is why I was really glad to see the local business authority put on an event last weekend.

It was  great event. There were activities, games, and prizes to keep the kids busy all day long. There was a barbecue for lunch and/or dinner. And the day was topped off with a movie for the whole family in the park.

I thought that it was absolutely great to take my lawn chair to the park and watch a movie on an inflatable screen with the rest of my community.

Lots of families were there with blankets laid out on the ground. Some of the younger kids fell asleep right there and the rest of the family enjoyed the film.

This was the first time that our community has ever come together like this. But it will not be the last. We will be celebrating our community once a year from now on. I’m really looking forward to next year’s day long event.