Let’s Make a Change (for the better)

Today, the Canadian government announced that they will be extending the Canada Emergency Response Benefit for an additional 8 weeks. Over 8.4 million Canadians signed up for the program so far.

I wanted to share an excerpt from Calvin’s Canadian Cave of Cool today because I think Calvin made a great case for continuing this practice indefinitely.

He wrote this piece when the benefit was first announced months ago. He wrote . . .

“Before we get to my day I had a thought about this government plague benefit all taxpayers are getting for several months. I wondered what would happen to our lives if it was a PERMANENT benefit just for being a CANADIAN. That is worth at least 2000 a month and even at that price the government is getting a bargain.

It would unite the people in a new way when their basic needs are taken care of they can concentrate on the REAL enemy. The poor black guy on the bus next to you is your ally against the real people that keep you down deliberately. They would be more free to create and raise good kids because the PRESSURE and FEAR could be reduced enough for their brains to stop being so worried all the time about getting through to the next day. They could dream a little and hope and plan for the future in a whole new way by reducing much of their personal debt while energizing the economy in an instant. The Planet would change in profound ways. We could evolve. (From one of my Facebook comments).

Is there any reason why every adult in the country can’t get 2000 a month from the government from the time they turn 18 to the time they die? Doesn’t everyone in the country contribute to the country’s success? Don’t they deserve a little of that back as a dividend? Imagine what that money would mean to a family. The mother could stay home with the kids when they are young or pay for a good daycare. The family could start a small business with that money. Or enroll their kids in a sport they love and give the kid something to do after school to keep them out of trouble. They would take that money and pour it BACK into the economy which in turn would support all the business that are closed right now. It would be a economic cycle that lifts everyone up instead of putting us at each other’s throats. Why should the very rich get to keep it all? Isn’t now the time to level the playing field a little bit. More kids could afford college without student loans which are a scam.

Everything would be better if people felt like they had hope instead of feeling helpless in a world that rewards the wrong people with the wrong skill set while ignoring those who REALLY hold up our civilization. If you don’t believe me come back when you bangs get so long that you resort to cutting them YOURSELF. THEN your real misery begins. Thing of the grocery store clerks and the bank tellers and the hair dressers and yes even your massage ‘therapist’. We know the real reason you see him every week, TINA!”

I support this idea. Another friend of mine started a thread of Facebook about things we would like to see change once things get back to normal. Free public transit, putting a cap on workable hours, and making sure that everyone can earn a basic income were some of the main ideas.

Let’s take this opportunity to enact real change to help people and create a better world. Now is the time!