Legendary Writers Working With Pictures

Stephen King is an incredible writer who sees the value in working with pictures. There are so many novelists that are completely stuck on prose and see no reason or benefit in expanding their work to other mediums or genres.

Fortunately, Stephen King isn’t a print-snob and we have seen his work turned into TV mini-series and movies. Lately, he has even gotten into the medium of comics.

This retelling of The Talisman offers new scenes and expands the backstory of the original novel.

Neil Gaiman also sees the value of working with pictures. Not only has he written novels, television episodes, and graphic novels, but he has also authored a few picture books.

I found this book at the school library. We were having a staff meeting in there and this book was calling to me from the shelves. I grabbed it and took my seat as the meeting got started. I tried my best to read it without drawing attention to myself and to make it look like I was still paying attention. That was hard to do because this book was so well done.

I won’t give away what happens it in but I will say that it is humourous and I highly recommend it.

We are living more and more in a visual society. Websites and social media platforms such as Tumblr and Instagram prove this to be true. Perhaps it is time for us to blend pictures and prose together to enrich the experience of readers everywhere.

I know I enjoy a good graphic novel and am constantly reading comics. Who knew, there’d be treats and surprises in the picture book aisle as well?

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2 responses to “Legendary Writers Working With Pictures”

  1. Hi Chase .. I must go down to the library one day and have a look at these books … I 'know' about them, but don't pay much attention.

    Though I know comics are making a come back .. and our attention span is not very long …

    We live in interesting times as far as books, reading, thinking and analysing goes ..

    Cheers Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    I love the library. There are so many great things to see, do, and read there. And I think it's cool to read something every now and then that you normally wouldn't.

    Happy Reading!