Learn How to Signal Already

I need to register a complaint…

It’s about all of the people on the roads who do not know how to use the turning signals correctly.

This is especially annoying when there is only one lane in each direction.

I’ve had to slam on my breaks more than a few times because someone in front of me suddenly slows down for seemingly no reason.

The car is almost at a complete stop or already initiating a turn and then I see the signal flashing.

I would yell, “Thanks for the warning bud!” but I’m sure no one would hear me.

That’s what turning signals are for – to give the other drivers on the road some warning about what you are going to do.

“I can see you turning, I don’t need to see your signal. It’s too late now. Why’d you even bother?” I’m still yelling even though I know it’s no use.

How To Signal

Use your mirrors. Check to see if anyone is behind you. You should be checking your mirrors frequently, not just when you want to turn or change lanes.

If you know you are on a one-lane road and you know someone is behind you, you should be signaling way before you even slow down. Give me five seconds at the very least, please. It’s only common courtesy.

I hope I’ve educated those annoying drivers I’ve been stuck behind on more than one occasion. If not, and you know who those people are, please send them a link to this post. I’d appreciate it.