Laughs in the Mail

I got this letter in the mail on Friday and I laughed out loud.

It’s not often a letter can evoke laughter from me. Laughter that brightens up my whole day. Laughter that was desperately needed that day.

Before I show you the letter though, it needs a bit of set-up.

I hope you’ve been following me on Twitter.

I’m having a lot of fun on that micro-blogging site. It’s interesting to publish thoughts and ideas, to share links, and to communicate with others in the short space allotted.

One thing that is amazing though is how I keep picking up new followers. I can post something and almost immediately I pick up new followers interested in what I had just shared. I actually posted about that on January 20th.

This is what I wrote

“I posted about a Scrabble game I played & had scrabble fanatics follow me right away. I replied to a post about barber hours and got a barber following me. How about I post about needing money, maybe it’ll come to me 2.”

That’s the set up, here’s the letter. I hope you get a laugh out of it too.

Short and sweet. Right to the point. The words I posted on Twitter and a ten dollar bill.

Is this the law of attraction at work here?

Not quite.

It was my cousin’s brilliant sense of humour. I loved getting this in the mail because of the laugh it gave me. My cousin is awesome and has proven to be my best Twitter follower.

Here’s a prize for you cous,


6 responses to “Laughs in the Mail”

  1. Hi Chase,

    At first glance that did look like the law of attraction in action. I love your cousin's sense of humor. Maybe there will be more out there who feel the same and send you more $$$$.

    P.S. I know what you mean about Twitter. They must be continually searching for keywords and then follow us.

  2. Hi Ela,

    It was pretty awesome and on a day when I really needed a distraction, it was great.

    Hi Barbara,

    I never thought about that. I guess those people must have bots crawling for keywords. I've been following people back as a sign of courtesy. I don't understand having a program to do your Twitter following for you.

    Over all, there are probably only about 50 people I have chosen to follow all on my own.

  3. Hi Chase .. interesting post and your way of 'attraction' via Twitter.

    Love your cousin's sense of humour though – no wonder you laughed and made us all laugh too .. good start to Monday!