Latest Reads of 2012

I love to read. I always have, but this year I have decided to actually keep track of everything I read over the course of the year. So far I have read 28 titles. That includes graphic novels, memoirs, novels, and some teaching material.

It’s time to add to the list and bring the total up to 32.

Blockade Billy by Stephen King

This is a novella written by the suspense and horror master, Stephen King. The narrator of the tale actually addresses the author several times over the course of the book. He’s basically telling Stephen King about the 1957 season of the New Jersey Titans and the fictional catcher known as Blockade Billy, the first major league player to have his name erased from the history and record books.

There is a bonus story included here as well.

Green Lantern: War of the Green Lanterns

I really like the way the Green Lantern graphic novels are put together. So far, this is the seventh one I’ve read this year and I appreciate the way they have incorporated not only the monthly Green Lantern series but also the other monthly titles such as The Green Lantern Corps and The Emerald Warriors.

This book has some pretty shocking events in it. I didn’t think they’d be able to keep upping the momentum after the Sinestro War and The Blackest Night Saga but they actually did. Can’t wait to read what comes next.

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

This is a powerful story that I highly recommend. I saw the movie first and was completely blown away by it. I probably wouldn’t have picked up the book without the local librarian telling me how it was so much better than the movie.

I think both versions are worth your time. The movie did an excellent job of telling the story of the small Mississippi town in the 1960s, but the novel gets into much more depth of the racism that was common in the deep south at the time.

The tag line to the film says, “Change begins with a whisper” and if this story really is just a whisper, I hope it will spark some real discussion about these issues. We need further change even today some fifty years after this story is set.

Air by Geoff Ryman

Air, simply put, is the Internet beamed directly into people’s brains. A small village in the fictional country of Karzistan is chosen for the inital test of the service. Mae’s life and her entire village is forever changed as a result of the test.

This science fiction story has won several awards. It feels very real. The thought of the entire world being connecting thorugh a wireless Internet right in our minds is terrifying. A lot of people in the village are opposed to the entire thing, but Mae sees that it is inevitable and she does her best to prepare her village for what is to come. The year between the test taking place and the inevitable launch of Air is quite the story and Ryman weaves a compelling tale that touches on quite a few different issues. It would be a great book to study in book groups or in university.

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2 responses to “Latest Reads of 2012”

  1. Hi Chase .. I've seen the film The Help – but I'd like to read the book ..

    Can't really get into Stephen King or books like Air would send me to places I'd rather not go!!

    Glad your highlighting your reading list .. cheers Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    Wasn't the film amazing? I loved it! It was one of the best movies I'd seen in a long time.

    Of course, someone I knew told me the book was better so I decided I should read it too.

    I must say that it is an excellent story in both mediums as well.

    As for Stephen King, I didn't think I'd enjoy reading his books either. Then I read his memoir and tried a few of his other books. He is a very talented writer.

    I think it's good to read a book out of your usual genre or comfort zone every now and then. It's an experience.

    Happy Reading Hilary!