Last December Rocked!

Chasing Content - December

2018 wasn’t one of my better years for blogging. I slowed down my output a lot, but in December I picked it back up and published some pretty great posts. It was a great month for Silent Cacophony. Last December rocked!

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Transformers Finally Get It Right

Bumblebee was the movie that die-hard Transformer fans had been waiting for. I was prepared to completely blow it off. I am glad that I have some great online friends who convinced me to go out and see it. I felt like a ten-year-old kid again and loved it.

Top 18 Albums of 2018

This is always a fun list to put together. There were some great albums released last year. I still listen to some of these. Look for the Top 19 of 2019 coming soon.

Marketing Lessons I Know

Under the Influence is a great radio show and podcast that I highly recommend. The book version is also great. It’s a rare backstage pass into the hallways, boardrooms and recording studios of the ad industry.” Terry O’Reilly’s voice comes out on every page with wit, humour, and knowledge.

10 Ways to Bring Out The Best in Your Students

I adapted this list from a book I read about strong-willed children. I thought this list was perfect for teachers of all children. I hope you find it useful in your teaching practice.

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!

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