Komoka Side Trail

Komoka Provincial Park is one my favourite places to go for a run. It is located just minutes from London, Ontario. I profiled it before but I discovered a brand new section of the trail last week, and it is even more beautiful.

That’s why it’s time for another Visual Running Tour.

I’ve only ever ran the white main trail and then looped up to a unmarked side trail.

This is a great route to run because there are several hills. It also loops up to an unmarked side trail to form a nice loop that begins and ends at the Oxford Street entrance.

The above map, shows a second parking area off of Gideon Street.

That is where we start our tour today.

From the parking lot, there are two different ways to start on the trail. Both of them have blue trail markers and it really doesn’t matter which way you go since they loop up to the main trail and then again to each other.

This section of the forest was absolutely beautiful. It was quiet and peaceful as well.

The trail then opens up into a meadow . . .

before merging with the main white trail.

I had never been this far down the white trail before.

I like how it brings your right along the Thames River . . .

and across several bridges.

These stairs came about 19 minutes in to my run.

Those steep stairs might tire some people out, but I had no use for this bench.

I did stop to admire the scenery. I took about 40 pictures along this 27 minute run.

Here is where the main trail meets back up with the blue one.

It was about a kilometer back to the parking lot, through the woods, and then the meadow once again.

What a great run!

I can’t believe that I have never been to this section of the trail before. It’s been here the whole time. A second great running route that is completely different. Love it!

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  1. Hi Jim,

    It’s one of my all-time favourite spots to run. Thanks for the comment. I’m sure I’ll see you on the trail one day. If you see me, please say, “Hi” as I zoom on by.