Komoka Running Tour

Komoka Provincial Park is a beautiful place to go for a walk or a nice trail run. It is located along the Thames River, just outside of London, Ontario, Canada.

I’m not sure why it is considered a provincial park since it really only offers a nice trail. There aren’t any facilities here at all. But you can hike down to the river for fishing, or hit the trails and look at the river and the nature all around you.

I went for a run there on the weekend and took my camera along with me. I snapped pictures every couple of minutes so I could present you this visual tour of my run. I hope you enjoy it.

This sign really needs to be updated or replaced. But it gives you a good idea of how much land this park has and how the trail runs along the top of a bluff, overlooking the Thames river.

Here we go. My running pace is steady at 4 minutes per kilometer and just under 6 minutes per mile.

The trail winds through the woods. There are some rocks and tree roots that you need to watch out for. But it is a nice quiet trail to enjoy.

This is the first of many small bridges and boardwalks that help guide you through some of the rougher parts of the trail.

I love running up hills. A good trail needs to have hills. I can’t stand running on flat ground. I need a challenge. And this one presents a further challenge. There are so many rocks here that you really need to be on your toes. It almost feels like running through the tires in football practice.

This boardwalk runs for a few hundred meters passed a swampy area.

Another nice hill to dash up.

This bridge crosses a deep ravine.

I love trail markers that give you some information about where you are. If I was walking I would’ve taken the time to read it. I only stopped long enough to snap this picture and I was off again on this amazing trail run.

You can see the river here. A little bit further up there are some rapids that you can hear from the trail. I love being able to hear all the sounds of the nature. The city just melts away and you are transported. It’s amazing.

More information that I zoomed passed without reading. I loved running this trail.

I took about 30 photos during my run. I stopped every couple minutes to snap a new picture. I have so many beautiful pictures but chose these few to give you a brief idea of what this place is like.

Well, that’s it. I figure I ran about 7 kilometers. It might’ve been less since I took so many pictures. I’m going to have to go back there soon and run it again without a camera. What an amazing trail.

I hope you enjoyed this visual tour of my trail run.

Here is another great route you can take here at Komoka . . .

Komoka Side Trail

2 responses to “Komoka Running Tour”

  1. Nice! I find that Ontario will often make Provincial Parks around natural waterways. This protects the land from development and protects the natural ecosystem. They do so even if they only have a small piece of land, like with this park. This looks like a place to return to, for sure.

  2. Thanks for that info Silverfish. It sounds like a good way to protect the land and the beauty of the area. I'm glad that the province does that.