Know Your History Season 4

Know Your History is a documentary radio series that I do once a month for DOPEfm Radio and The Word is Bond Rap Radio Hour.

I explore a different topic related to hip-hop music and culture every month. The show is normally half an hour long but I expanded several episodes to a full hour last year.

I fell a bit behind on transcribing the episodes for the blog, but they are all available as a free download right now. You can also stream them over at The Word is Bond.

Click on the individual episodes below to read the transcript and stream or download the show.

Thanks for listening

Know Your History – Season 4

Know Your History Season 4

Episode 37The History of Radio Broadcasting
Episode 38Hip-Hop’s Better Half
Episode 39 – Women in Hip-Hop Special
Episode 40Hashtag Rap
Episode 41 – Mother’s Day Special
Episode 42Metaphor Concepts
Episode 43Storytelling Rap
Episode 44 – Don’t Quit Your Day Job
Episode 45Back to School
Episode 46Haunted Rap Radio Hour
Episode 47Rest in Peace, Dad
Episode 48 – The Writing Process

You can download the entire season in this handy zip file.