Know Your History: Season 1

Know Your History is a half radio program I produce for DOPEfm that focuses on the rich history of rap music and hip-hop culture.

As a hip-hop historian, I wanted an outlet to celebrate this music that I hold so dear to my heart. This show allows me to play some classic material and discuss the significance of the artists, songs, times, and culture of hip-hop.

That is why I refer to this show as “your monthly dose of hip-hop knowledge.”

Last year we aired 12 full episodes, one for each month of the year. We also podcasted each episode and transcribed them for this blog. However, if you happened to miss any of that, or you’d like to have all of the segments in one place, I compiled them all for you here.

You can download all of the episodes of Season 1 for free in this zip file or you can go back and read the individual transcript articles.

Stay tuned next week for the start of a brand new season. We kick off Season 2 with an in-depth look at the art of sampling and its importance in hip-hop. 

Remember that DOPEfm can be heard each and every Saturday night starting at 12:00 midnight on 93.3 CFMU in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. You can also tune us in online worldwide, or download the podcasts.

Download Season One

Thanks for tuning in!