Know Your History – The Complete Second Season

Here it is, The Complete Second Season of Know Your History, your monthly dose of hip-hop knowledge.

You can download all 12 episodes from the 2011 season in one handy zipped file. This is 6 hours of hip-hop radio brought to you by DOPEfm and your host and producer of the program, Chase March.

We covered a lot of topics last year from sampling to comedy to rap battles to personification to gender roles. If you missed the shows when they aired on the radio, or you missed the podcasts, I hope you will take the time to download the complete series sets.

Download Season One of Know Your History

Download Season Two of Know Your History

Season Three starts really soon. Look forward to hearing twelve more episodes this year that dive deep into hip-hop culture. It’s my way to share some of the classic material that this art form has produced while highlighting the significance of songs and artists from this rich, cultural history that is hip-hop.