Know School – A New Way of Learning

I often find it hard to sleep the night before school starts every year. Even though I have spent countless hours setting up my classroom, writing lessons, and organizing resources, my mind races with possibilities.

Today, my mind is racing for a different reason. After close to twenty years of teaching in the public education system, I will not be returning to the classroom. Instead, I have launched a new business called Know School and it is like no school you have ever seen before.

The public education system is broken and I know how we can fix it. We can regain control of our learning. and put the power in the hand of our students.

With Know School, I will help students get educated without the need for attending a public or private school, either in-person or online. I will support students throughout their learning by being a mentor to inspire them to become self-directed learners. I will offer coaching services to parents who need help starting home-based education for their family.

Every child has unique gifts, interests and particular ways of learning. I will tailor an education experience that takes all of these things into account. I will encourage students to learn from the real world by becoming involved in their communities. I will do my best to spark a joy of learning that will help create life-long learners who know how to pursue their interests and passions. I will guide families on how to make the most of home-based education.

Every parent has the responsibility to educate their children and while many families choose to enroll them in a public or private school, there are variety of options available. The Ontario Education Act states that a student does not need to attend public school if satisfactory instruction is being provided at home or elsewhere. Homeschooling is legal in every province but there are different things families need to do in order to pursue this method of education. I will help families understand their responsibilities.

I will also help parents sort through the vast amount of materials and options available for homeschoolers. Publishers and online programs offer workbooks, units, apps, and online courses. Tutoring services are typically meant to help students get better results in school. They often target specific skills such as reading, writing, and math. Learning pods allow a group of families to contribute towards paying for a teacher to educate their children. Homeschool consultants meet with parents to help them establish a homeschool routine and adhere to provincial and state guidelines.

Teachers or mentors have always played an important role in education. None of the above resources work well without a passionate teacher to inspire and challenge students. Used alone, a singular resource, no matter how great it may be, will be lacking in some aspect. This is why teachers seek out material to supplement a math textbook or use a variety of books and online resources to teach a concept or subject. Great teachers are able to recognize when a resource isn’t connecting with their students so they can pivot and find something more effective.

As an experienced teacher, I know how to reach and inspire children. I also know that school can be a toxic place for a lot of children. As a new parent, I couldn’t imagine sending my son to school. I had to start this journey of homeschooling and leave public education behind. If you feel the same way and need some help getting started, please give contact me and I will be happy to work with you to start your new journey as well.