Kiwanis Skateboard Plaza (Visual Tour)

Kiwanis Skateboard Plaza is an incredible skateboard park in London, Ontario, Canada.

I love an early morning skate.

It gives me a chance to get a little bit of workout first thing in the morning. And most of the time, the skateparks are empty at this time so I can have the entire run completely to myself.

This is one of the few skateparks I’ve come across that caters to vert skaters. It has street obstacles but also halfpipe ramps complete with coping rails. Beautiful!

I like the size of this park as well. It’s often busy with skaters but there’s usually enough room for all of us.

I didn’t have a big wipe-out this morning like I did last time I skated here. So glad to have this blog to remind me. Oh bother!

I’m glad you could join me on this visual tour. It’s probably the last one of the season. Pretty soon, we’ll have snow and my board will have to hibernate. Boo!

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16 responses to “Kiwanis Skateboard Plaza (Visual Tour)”

  1. Hi Chase – I remember your wipe-out .. so it sounds as though you're back enjoying the skateboard season before the white stuff flutters down on us. The Park does look fun .. and I know so many kids enjoy their boards .. cheers Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    I've been so busy with teaching and the radio show / podcast over the last several weeks. So, it was so nice to get out for a relaxing skate.

    Hope all is well with you.

    Thanks for the comment!