Kitchener’s DJ Whitegold

Chase: “We’ve got DJ Whitegold from Kitchener here at the 2011 Stylus Awards. So where are you spinning in Kitchener?”

DJ Whitegold: “I play at Phil’s, in Waterloo. I play at the University of Waterloo, Cameo, Ceaser Martini’s, a lot of places in London, and a lot of different cities too.”

Chase: “Do you notice a big student crowd? Is it a different type of crowd every year?”

DJ Whitegold: “Every year. New faces, new vibe. People from different countries, different cities.”

Chase: “What kind of tunes to do spin?”

DJ Whitegold: “I play everything. Mostly hip-hop, R&B, and reggae, but you know, everything is moving to house and Top 40, and electro. So, it’s all over the map.”

Chase: “I see you got a trophy there. They handed out some awards last night?”

DJ Whitegold: “Yeah, they handed out 9 awards last night. My category was one of them. I was honoured enough and lucky to be able to take Central DJ of the Year again this year.”

Chase: “You do mixtapes as well, don’t you? I’ve seen your name all over the Internet.”

DJ Whitegold: “Yes. I haven’t put one out in a little bit, but I got one coming out in another month. So go to You can get all my mixtapes and stuff there.”

Chase: “Congratulations on your award!”

DJ Whitegold: “Thanks! Nice to meet you guys!”