Kish Autograph

Kish was one of my favourite rappers back in the day. He came out with an album entitled Order from Chaos in 1991 and had quite the hit with “I Rhyme the World in 80 Days.” Unfortunately, despite a solid album, he seemed to remain a one-hit wonder.

Three years later, A Nation of Hoods came out. This album is even better than his first.

He came to a mall in Hamilton for an autograph signing. I was pretty excited to meet him. I told him that I had been waiting years for this album. As you can see, he signed it “Thanks for waiting!”

I also got an autograph from DJ Supreme as well.

I’ll leave you with a track from this album. I hope you enjoy this throwback from 1994.

Here is  “Crates to Concrete” from Kish.

4 responses to “Kish Autograph”

  1. I remember Kish! I loved I Rhyme the World in 80 Days. In fact, it's stuck in my head right now. I did not realize he had another album. Thanks for sharing!

    – Elle

  2. Hi Elle,

    I listened to his first album on my drive to work today. It still rocks!

    I actually don't know too many Kish fans. I figured most people would just say, "Who?"

    I'm glad you know who he is and enjoy his music.

    Have a great night!

  3. I have to admit I'm one of those people going, "Who?" But I'm not generally much of a rap fan, so that probably explains it. :p It's always exciting when a favorite artist outdoes himself in a new album.

  4. Hi K.M. Weiland,

    I bet you've heard Kish. His real name is Andrew Kishino and he has been doing a lot of voice-over acting for the past ten years.

    Thanks for the comment!